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Diplomatic Staff

Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in the Russian Federation

Mr. Slavoljub Caric – Minister Counselor

Mrs. Jasmina Kljaic – First Counsellor

Mr. Branislav Radojcic – First Counsellor

Mrs. Ivanka Stamenkovic – First Counsellor

Mr. Boris Sekulic – First Counsellor

Mr. Dusan Mihaljcic – Counsellor

Mrs. Olgica Jovanovic – Second Secretary

Mrs. Milica Manic– Attache

Mr. Vladimir Sreckovic – Attache


Defense Attache office of the Republic of Serbia to the Russian Federation

Col. Budimir Gajic – Military attache

Lt. Col. Jovica Bosancic – Deputy Military attache

Lt. Col. Sasa Nesic – Deputy Military attache

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Diplomatic Staff