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Minister Selakovic at Prodexpo food exhibition in Moscow

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, Nikola Selakovic visited today in Moscow the International Exhibition for Food, Beverages, Food Raw Materials "Prodexpo" and the booths of Serbian companies presenting at the fair.

Visiting the representatives of 11 Serbian companies that exhibited their products at the fair, the Head of Serbian diplomacy emphasized that USD 57 million of exports by companies employing 3,500 people deserved every praise, and that work should be done to further increase those exports.

"It is a true pleasure to be at Prodexpo today, the largest exhibition of food industry and agricultural products held in Russia, and to be at the booth of Serbia, which looks brilliant, thanks to people from 11 serious Serbian companies oriented to the Russian market in terms of exports", Selakovic said.

The Minister emphasized that for the first time in a long time he heard about the planned investments of Serbian companies in the food and processing industry in the Russian market, and that our companies would start opening factories and plants in Russia, which he would support in every way.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the auspices of which is also the economic diplomacy, will try to make additional efforts to remove all obstacles and barriers and to help companies conclude as many deals with Russian partners as possible", the Minister said.

Selakovic pointed out that, out of the 10 largest exporters to Russia from Serbia, nine of them were foreign investors, who had recognized the trade preferences that our country had to offer.

"This is one of the excellent things I have heard. We should spread that positive example and the good news that makes Serbia competitive, especially today in politically turbulent times. Serbia's policy enables us to record the smallest economic decline, i.e. the largest growth in Europe, even in the most difficult moments for the world economy during the pandemic", Serbian Foreign Minster explained.

He added that he talked with the management of the Exhibition about their wish to renew cooperation with Belgrade and other fairs in our country, but also with representatives of almost all companies, as well as to exchange information on how business deals were going in Russia, what were the advantages and what the aggravating circumstances.

Furthermore, Minister noted that the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (PKS) was helping companies in their efforts to find serious partners in difficult times of the pandemic, close deals, make a profit and increase Serbian exports to Russia.

The PKS Head of Marketing Department Marko Obradovic underlined that Prodexpo was an exhibition where Serbian companies traditionally made excellent contracts and good deals, and pointed out that the interest was large.

With gratitude to Minister Selakovic for the visit, but also for the overall help and support that, as he said, the state provided in the internationalization of the business of domestic companies, Obradovic presented the Minister, on behalf of the PKS, with a plaque in recognition of his commitment to promoting the economy.

The PKS Head of Office in Russia Dejan Delic specified that among the 11 companies were those in the business of the production and processing of fruits and vegetables, both frozen and dried, and producers from the dairy industry, of cottage cheese, spreads, and meat industry and products.

As he added, they all had the opportunity to improve on the previous agreements and to meet new business partners.

Representatives of companies, including the ITN group, which, according to sales director Mirjana Nikolic, exported about 11,000 tons of frozen fruit, also confirmed that the Russian market had an interest for Serbian food products.

Nikolic expects new business arrangements after each fair, and according to her, they also used the fair as an opportunity to meet with the existing customers in Russia, with whom they had been cooperating for years.

She added that, in addition to the frozen program, with which they were already present there, they were now also presenting Budimka's products, because they had a plan to offer jams, marmalades, juices, purees and soured winter products to the Russian market.

Among the companies being presented is Carnex, which has been exhibiting at the Moscow exhibition for more than five years, and the marketing director of that company Olivera Papistijevic said that they were even awarded, which, in her opinion, proved that the company was meeting the needs of such a large and demanding market.

Prodexpo is held in Moscow on 12-16 April, and organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Industry of Serbia and the Development Agency of Serbia, where 11 Serbian companies are promoting their offer and export potential, that employ more than 3,500 people and export food products to the demanding Russian market amounting to more than USD 50 million.

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