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Mnister Selakovic extends a condolence message to Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Nikola Selakovic extended today, in the wake of the attack on the school in Kazan, the expressions of condolences to Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov.

“Serbia, its citizens and I personally feel deeply shaken by the tragic events in Kazan, where a large number of children lost their lives in a monstrous school attack. There is no greater sin and crime than attacking children and no words of my mine can describe the pain I am feeling, as a human being and a parent”, Minister Selakovic stated in the telegram. According to the Minister, Serbia and its citizens are in their hearts and minds with the people of the Russian Federation, at this difficult hour.

"In addition to our deepest sympathy, we extend to you messages of encouragement and wish that you persevere in the fight against the evil that took the lives of innocent children", Selakovic said.

Selakovic congratulates Minister Lavrov on Victory Day

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Nikola Selakovic sent a congratulatory message on the occasion of the Victory Day over fascism to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov.

"The Russian people and other peoples of the Soviet Union defeated not only the aggressors, but also the enemies of all free humanity by heroically defending their homeland in the Second World War, and today no-one may have any doubt that the Russian people is the one who had on this day dealt a death blow to the most dangerous ideology and killing machine the world has ever seen", reads the congratulatory message from the Head of Serbian diplomacy, adding that the Serbian people was proud of its anti-fascist tradition and the fact that during Second World War it had organized the first and most massive armed guerrilla resistance in the occupied territories, and that it saw every victory of the great Red Army as its own victory.

Selakovic pointed out that Serbia would remain firmly on the position of fostering the truth about the Second World War and against attempts to diminish the crucial and key role of the Soviet Union and the heroic Russian people in the victory over Nazism through historical revisionism, and underlined in particular that much like the Serbian and Russian peoples were allies then in the fight against world-scale evil, they will today as well be united in fostering the memory of the suffering and unwavering resistance of our ancestors.

"The fire at the Memorial Cemetery of the Belgrade Liberators, where Yugoslav and Soviet heroes rest side by side, will burn forever, and our memory of the glorious moments of our common history and our determination to fight together for peace and multilateralism in the world and against every ideology of evil will be eternal as well", Minister Selakovic concluded in his congratulatory message.

Meeting with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation, 3rd May 2021

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić met today with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation, Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko, to whom he presented Easter greetings for President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill.

Congratulating Easter, President Vučić asked Ambassador Botsan-Kharchenko to convey to President Putin, Patriarch Kirill and all Orthodox believers in the Russian Federation, sincere wishes for peace, good health and all progress.

On this occasion, President Vučić also thanked for the support that Russia provides to Serbia during the pandemic, stating that the production of the Russian vaccine "Sputnik V" will contribute to ensuring the continuation of immunisation of citizens in the following period.

The interlocutors expressed satisfaction with the progress of economic cooperation between Serbia and Russia and pointed out that joint infrastructure projects, as well as projects in the field of energy, follow the planned dynamics and will greatly contribute to the economic progress of our country and the citizens' quality of life.

One of the topics of conversation was the celebration of the Day of Victory over fascism in the Second World War. The interlocutors agreed that one of the most important dates in modern history should be marked in accordance with the circumstances caused by the pandemic, but that the struggle for truth continues despite attempts to revise history, which is completely unacceptable for all nations who, like Serbian and Russian, maintain the libertarian tradition and who made huge sacrifices in the fight against fascism.

President Vučić and Ambassador Botsan-Kharchenko also discussed the situation in Kosovo and Metohija and regional issues. They agreed that the policy of peace, cooperation and preservation of stability are of the utmost importance for the further development of the Western Balkans.

Source/Photo: www.predsednik.rs

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